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Are fluoride treatments safe

Are Fluoride Treatments safe – 5 important Tips for you in 2021?

Now before explaining that are fluoride treatments safe or not you must spend some time here reading more detail about fluoride.

The fluoride treatment depends on the individual patient depending on the teeth condition and many other factors. 

Keep in mind fluoride is highly important for your oral health but too much fluoride is not safe.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a natural substance found in water, soil, rocks, and food items that helps in reducing cavities in children and as well as in adults. Fluoride helps in fighting calculus (plaque) and bacteria which causes enamel loss and further cavities.

Fluoride treatments are quick little treatment that is usually placed on your teeth after cleaning your teeth properly.

Now, fluoride comes in a foam or gel format, the dentist will place the fluoride foam into the tray, put the tray in your mouth and ask you to bite on it for a minute. Now here fluoride starts supplying nutrients to your teeth to build the enamel and make it stronger.


Are Fluoride Treatments Safe?

Are fluoride treatments at the dentist safe? Or is it toxic?

Does fluoride cause cancer, kidney disease, or osteoporosis?

You must know the right answer to these above questions as it’s important for you and your family. Generally, fluoride treatments are easy and safe, how just read the entire information below.

Hope you have heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”, it applies almost to everything. Similarly, having too much fluoride can also be harmful.

Yes, Fluoride treatment is safe and easy until you don’t have an allergic reaction to fluoride.     

Now get more Relax, as according to a 2012 ecological study, water fluoridation has no effect on bone cancer rates. So fluoride is safe and if fluoridated ideally at water level it’s perfectly safe for you and your family.


Are Fluoride Treatments necessary?

As mentioned above the fluoride treatment depends on an individual patient and you must have an idea that are fluoride treatments safe or not. Things you need to consider are

  • does the patient demonstrate demineralization
  • patient complaining of dental hypersensitivity

It would be not wrong if I say that fluoride treatment is necessary as it is a great way to build and strengthen your teeth

Fluoride helps in reabsorbing minerals like calcium and phosphate that helps in repairing tooth enamel. Only you have to be careful while applying the quantity of fluoride.


Fluoride Treatment side effects

Fluoride side effects would be only when you take access amount of fluoride or fluoride treatment. You can use fluoride toothpaste or apply little fluoride on your teeth but for any major problem, first, visit any dentist.

Now tooth discoloration is the common side effect caused by fluoride and is called fluorosis. This mostly occurs with children where they either swallow fluoride toothpaste or use fluoride supplements.

Fluoride treatment side effects
Fluoride treatment side effects

Consuming or applying too much fluoride can cause

  • Nausea, tiredness, or diarrhea
  • Spot or dent on teeth
  • White specks on mature teeth.


What not to eat after Fluoride Treatment?

After a fluoride treatment has been done it is usually advised that the patient does not eat or drink for at least an hour time.

In certain situations, as the newer products are coming into the market so they really not dependent upon the diet of the patient or as to when he is supposed to eat or not after the application of the fluoride medicaments.

So I would suggest just being on the safer side and always avoid eating and drinking at least for an hour after the treatment is done. There are a few foods and drink that you should not drink for at least 6 to 7 hours.

  • Hot drinks and Alcohol
  • Brushing and flossing
  • Solid food

When can I brush my teeth after fluoride treatment?

There is no big harm even if you brush your teeth after the treatment but still, the dentist’s recommendation is to wait at least 6 to 7 hours after the fluoride treatment.

You should avoid both brushing and flossing for 6 hours once you leave from dentistry. Avoiding food and drink is recommended almost after all dental treatments like tooth extraction. Hope you are getting an answer that are fluoride treatments safe or not.


Fluoride Treatment at Home

The fluoride treatment at home depends on the age of the children. For children below 3 to 6 years fluoride treatment is usually not advocated because the minimum quantity of fluoride is already incorporated in the developing teeth.

But for children above 6 years of age, fluoride treatment can be done professionally or at home. While treatment at home you must be careful and follow the below instructions.

  • Wear night guards which are a fabricated measure of your teeth and contain fluoride.
  • Avoid drinking and eating at least for 3 hours

Let me make it simple as it’s easy to perform. Simply follow these 2 easy simple steps.

  • Purchase any Fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash from the store or from amazon.
  • Now as per instructions use this mouthwash and toothpaste which will boost your oral hygiene.



So far I am sure you got the answer that are fluoride treatments safe or not. Fluoride is really a beneficial natural substance to strengthen our teeth.

Now here you only need to be careful if you are using fluoride at home, take the right amount of fluoride as access usage can be harmful. You can better consult your dentist for professional treatment.

Still, if you need any help related to fluoride usage or have any dentistry queries let us know in the comment box. Do also leave your comment that what do you think now, are fluoride treatments safe or not

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