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Do Crest White Strips work on Yellow Teeth? (Review 2021) – Dentist Amity

Do you wish to have white shining teeth with crest whitening strips, but probably you have a question “do crest white strips work on yellow teethRIGHT.

In this article, I am going to share an honest review on crest white strips with complete information which will help you to make a decision before getting Crest white strips.

By the end of this article, you will be cleared with all doubts like

  • Do Crest whitening strips work
  • Do Crest white strips damage your teeth
  • How often to use crest white strips
  • How long does it take for Crest white strips to work?


What are Crest White Strips and how it works?

Crest white strips are a plastic strip made with enamel-safe whitening gel. There are two strips that can be applied on the above and lower teeth to remove yellow-stained teeth.

Crest White strips contain hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, carbomer 956, water, and sodium saccharin. These strips work on the natural teeth and do not whiten caps, fillings, and crowns. 

How to Use Crest White Strips

Step 1:- Brush your teeth properly before applying strips on your teeth.

Step 2:- Now remove the strip from its liner, paste the gel side towards your teeth. 

Step 3:- Press and hold the strip so that it can be properly applied to your teeth. Hold the strip extra part behind the teeth.

How to Use Crest White Strips
How to Use Crest White Strips

Now the usage of Crest white strips depends on the type of strip you purchase which comes with the proper instructions.



Do Crest White Strips work on yellow teeth?

Now, this is the most important question that whether crests white strips really work on yellow teeth or not. My honest answer is YES.

It will help you to remove the external yellowness of the teeth but for internal yellowness like removing calculus, it won’t be too effective. Crest white strips contain hydrogen peroxide gel that sticks with tooth enamel to remove all stains.

But if you are looking for magic expecting a huge difference where your teeth will immediately turn from yellow to white shining teeth, don’t be in a myth. There will be a difference but for instant whitening teeth, you need to visit your dentist.

Do Crest 3D white strips work?                                  

Crest 3D white strips are an advanced seal technology strip that is non-slip and more effective in teeth whitening.

Crest guarantees the result of whitening the teeth by removing surface stains and deep set-in stains in the enamel.


Do Crest white strips damage your teeth?

According to Crest, white strips are safe and effective as it contains the same ingredient that the dentist uses for teeth whitening.

Crest white strips are made of hydrogen peroxide which has been used for a long time for natural care. But if you have any problems with adhesive, then white strips are not for you.

Check these pros and cons which will surely help you to decide that Do Crest White Strips work on Yellow Teeth or not.

  • Pros & Cons

    • Instantly helps to whiten the teeth.
    • Easy to use and can be applied by self.
    • No side effects until you have any adhesive reactions.
    • You can eat as well while applying.
    • Access use of whitening strips can damage tooth and cavity.
    • Not suitable for people having an adhesive reaction.
    • Do not uses if you have already had any problems related to gum, teeth, and cavity?
    • Not for braces


How often to use crest white strips

A crest white strip comes with two strips one for upper teeth and another for lower teeth and can be only used once.

You can use 2 upper and 2 lower strips a day and apply for 5 minutes. Repeat the process for 2 weeks for whitening teeth. Use this process only once a year.



Final Words on Crest White Strips

The above information was an honest review on Crest White strips. Probably you got the answer of “Do Crest White Strips work on Yellow Teeth” with all the above details.

Still, I would recommend that you should at least visit the dentist once and ask them before proceeding to this.

If you have already used this product give you feedback in the comment box.


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