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Does Suboxone help with Tooth Pain? 3 Facts you Cant Ignore

Does Suboxone help with tooth pain? That’s a good question and you must know little about it.

A couple of weeks ago at the dental office, I saw a patient asking

Can Suboxone be used for tooth pain relief?

It’s good to ask your dentist about dental tips and clearing your doubts.

If not through the dentist then you must know enough about such medications.


What is Suboxone?

Suboxone (buprenorphine) is a compounded drug consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone as the opioid portion.

Non-opioid in fact it will be a receptor blocker portion as it was originally designed to treat people with addiction.

So the Suboxone pill is used as a sublingual pill that turns on your tongue and dissolves.

If you try to crush it, dry it up, or inject it you get a full plastic pretzel.



Does Suboxone help with Tooth Pain?

Because of covid or due to some other problems many people would like to cure toothaches at home as most of the dentists are closed.

Can suboxone be used for pain relief?

As in this article, we are talking about Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone, I will brief that does Suboxone help with Tooth Pain or not and when this can be taken.

Yes, but buprenorphine can only dull the pain to some extent as it is a partial opioid receptor agonist and will not give you full relief like morphine or oxycodone.

However, because it’s a partial agonist it has a higher safety with a fairly long-acting opioid.


Is Suboxone good for a toothache?

Suboxone is not so popular in the United States as in Europe.

Suboxone or buprenorphine can be good as well as bad depending on the type of pain and patient health.

You can take it in an emergency when you are not in a condition to visiting any dentist.

But again it’s recommended that you should always consult your dentist before taking any kind of pain killer.

Even you must know that when and how to use such pain killers and when to drink alcohol after having any tooth removal or surgery.


How Suboxone can harm your Health

Suboxone has a different chemical composition as compared to other pain killers like methadone and oxycodone.

Suboxone can cause tooth decay and in case of severe pain and abscess, you better go with other pain killers like morphine.

The reason behind this is that buprenorphine works slowly because of the composition and so the patient may take an extra dose which can be really harmful.

There can be many side effects of Suboxone as well, like

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Anxiety and allergic reaction
  • Insomnia and hormone problems
  • Effect on Organs


What is the best painkiller for a toothache?

Though there are different painkillers for toothache what I would recommend that you should take painkillers according to the pain.

Depending on the type of pain like whether you have mild or severe pain.

For mild tooth pain, it’s better to avoid painkillers but still, you can go with ibuprofen 400mg.

According to UCSF Health, ibuprofen can increase your blood pressure and also cause damage to the kidneys and heart.

For Severe toothache, there are several painkillers, but I would say you can go with Keterol dt. You can consume this by mixing 2 tablets of Keterol dt with one glass of water.

This will be giving you relief within 10 to 15 minutes and can also be taken for headaches.

Who Should Avoid these Painkillers?

In some cases, these painkillers should be totally avoided.

Like pregnant patients should not have such painkillers during the pregnancy. Please let such people know if they ask that does Suboxone help with Tooth Pain or not.

Similarly, kidney patients are also strictly prohibited to consume any type of painkillers.




Does Suboxone help with nerve pain?

Yes, buprenorphine will reduce your nerve pain and give you relief.
Many doctors prescribe using opioid painkillers like buprenorphine for nerve pain
Though painkillers like morphine are also opioid painkillers depending on the nerve pain sometimes synthetic opioid painkillers are more recommended.

Can you have dental work while taking suboxone?

As explained suboxone is a synthetic opioid painkiller and only dulls the pain for a longer duration compared to other painkillers.
But for any minor dental treatment like single tooth extraction, you can additionally take ibuprofen 400 mg and that will be all enough.

Should I tell my dentist I take Suboxone?

Yes, you should inform your dentist about the usage of any medication you take.
In case of regular usage of buprenorphine or any other painkillers like oxycodone, then you must tell this your dentist.
This will not only help the dentist to diagnose but will also help you to know more about its consequences and instructions of usage.

Are you suppose to swallow suboxone spits?

As suboxone pills are instructed to take on your tongue and wait for about 5 minutes to completely dissolve.
But at least for the next 20 minutes, it’s not recommended to chew or swallow the suboxone spit and keep the taste and suboxone within your mouth.


One thing I would like to emphasize is if you’re using suboxone to treat opioid withdrawal you will need a specific license to do that you can use buprenorphine and suboxone to treat pain.

Nut you have to be very specific on the prescription that you’re using to treat pain and not hope it withdrawal opioid addiction.

Does Suboxone help with Tooth Pain, hopefully, is cleared, and do you know what type of medicine buprenorphine is and when to use it?

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