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How long after Wisdom Teeth Removal can I Drink Alcohol?

How long after Wisdom Teeth Removal can I Drink Alcohol? 3 Reasons

This is important to know that how long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink alcohol.

Eating and drinking are some of the major questions asked by the majority of people after any wisdom teeth removal or tooth extraction.

You must know when to consume alcohol after any oral surgery and why wait?

Can I drink alcohol after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You cannot drink alcohol immediately after teeth removal.

Though alcohol is injurious to health, you can drink it after some days of wisdom teeth removal.

But when you can drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal would be the right question.

According to the American dental association, consuming any alcoholic beverages even mouthwash-containing alcohol is not allowed for the next 24 hours.


How long after Wisdom Teeth Removal can I Drink Alcohol?

According to dentist advice, you must wait at least 48 hours before consuming any alcoholic drink or other alcoholic beverages.

Now, this is the minimum time and the dentist may even say to wait for at least a week.

Even, I would recommend and suggest waiting and avoiding drinking for 7 to 10 days after wisdom teeth removal. As it’s better to keep yourself more on the safer side than putting your health at risk.

Now, I understand you need a big reason as you have a question WHY?

Let me share few major reasons to avoid alcohol after wisdom teeth removal.


How does Alcohol affect oral surgery?

Though Alcohol affects your whole body and is not good for health if taken in access quantity or during critical times.

However, let me share how alcohol can be harmful after wisdom teeth removal or extraction.

  1. Harmful effects of Alcohol consumption with Pain killer – Your dentist or oral surgeon may have prescribed you some pain killers to get some relief from pain caused after tooth removal.                                                                                                                                                                  Now if you consume alcohol while having these pain killers it can cause severe damages to your liver and improper organ functioning.
    Can alcohol cause dry socket?
    Can alcohol cause a dry sockets?


  1. Alcohol can cause Delayed Healing – If you continue drinking alcohol after oral surgery healing will be delayed which can cause more serious problems.

    Quick healing after tooth removal is always on priority as you might be waiting for a party or barbeque which would be incomplete without drinks.

    Better wait, relax and rest to heal wisdom teeth removal quickly.


  1. Alcohol can cause Dry Socket – Consuming alcohol within 48 hours can also make your blood clotting more crucial.
    This may stop forming proper blood clotting, because of bleeding.

    Now, this can have a serious impact on blood clotting as when a clot will not be formed or dislodged it can cause a dry socket.

There are many other harmful effects of drinking alcohol within 48 hours of wisdom teeth removal or extraction.

Hopefully, know you also know how long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink alcohol?

So not only Alcohol but consuming foods and drinks like Soda and Pizza after tooth extraction will also have harmful effects.


What can you eat and Drink after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Meanwhile, you are avoiding alcohol, try some other foods and drinks at least for 48 hours.

  • Drink Water – Drinking water will keep your body hydrated and also help in clearing all mouth particles.
    Make sure you use a cup or a glass to drink water, as using a straw is strongly prohibited.
  • Eat soft foods like smoothies, yogurt, milk, and mashed potatoes.


What else do you need to avoid apart from Alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

Now you must also know what else to avoid after tooth removal or extraction.

Along with alcohol, you also need to avoid smoking and many other foods and drinks that can harm blood clots.

  1. Avoid Straw
  2. Avoid solid foods for at least 7 days
  3. No crunchy and Spicy Foods
  4. Avoid Soda and acid drinks
  5. Fruits like strawberry that contains seeds which can stick-on wounds.
    What to avoid after wisdom teeth removal
    What to avoid after wisdom teeth removal


Frequently Asked Questions

I drank alcohol after tooth extraction?

If you read this article or got to know that alcohol is not allowed after tooth extraction once you already consumed then you must visit your dentist urgently.

Consuming alcohol after wisdom tooth removal or extraction can cause dry sockets and delay healing.

Read the above details on how long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink alcohol and let the dentists inspect the harm done and let them find the solution.


Can I drink alcohol 5 days after tooth extraction?

Alcohol is strictly not allowed for the next 28 hours after tooth extraction but it’s also recommended that you should avoid all alcoholic beverages for at least 7 to 10 days.

So if you have already waited for 3 to 5 days then wait for some more days.



I am very sure after getting your answer that how long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink alcohol? You will follow the instructions.

It’s better to wait and follow your oral surgeon than to waste your money on more treatments and delaying healing time.

I have also covered, what else you need to avoid and what is preferred.

Let us know if you still have any doubts or questions. Please contact us if you need discounts for any dental treatment as we are associated with many dental clinics and NGOs.



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