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How long do mini dental implants last

How long do Mini Dental Implants last – (Advantages & Drawbacks)

Mini Dental Implants are becoming more and more popular because of their unique benefits in the dental industry. Now, most people have a question that how long do mini dental implants last.

Mini dental implants are the most modern approach because it is less surgically invasive. Let me share the brief information on mini dental implants.


What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implant is a medical device that is used to replace missing teeth to stabilize dentures. There are two key features that make mini dental implants really especially beneficial.

  • Instant bring your smile back.                                                                               
  • It’s really small in size which means patients with bone loss can actually receive them without grafting.                                                                                          
  • They can be used to stabilize dentures right away because they are supplied as a one-piece unit.
What are mini dental implants?
What are mini dental implants?


How long do Mini Dental Implants Last?    

Now, this becomes necessary to understand that how long does a mini dental implant lasts as compared to traditional implants.

There is no exact committed time, but most of the dentist says it would last around 20 years if taken care properly which is very close to traditional dental implants. It also depends on location, age, and many factors.

However, I have given you a rough idea that how long do mini implants last, and below are some tips that can extend the lifespan of mini dental implants.

  • Be Oral hygienic and keep proper care of your teeth that will surely increase the mini dental implants age. Properly brush your teeth and at least twice a day.            
  • Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, and alcohol.                                                        
  • Do not bite your nail with teeth or using teeth as a bottle opener.                              
  • A regular visit to the dentist.

I hope this will answer your questions that are mini dental implants permanent? So nothing is permanent but yes 20 years is a long time.


Are mini dental implants as good as regular implants?

Yes, mini dental implants are more popular especially for young people as they are small in size and even stay as long as traditional implants. However, you go the answer that how long do Mini Dental Implants last but still you should grab the complete information.

But in some cases like stability regular implants are considered better as mini implants are smaller in size.

Following are some advantages that make mini dental implants better

  • Smaller in size
  • Less expensive
  • No screws and abutments are required as in regular dental implants.


How quickly Mini Dental Implants can be healed?

Mini Dental Implants do not need a complex surgery like regular implants so of course it gets healed quickly. There will be some swelling as well and other problems but it will be cured quickly.

  • Swelling generally gets cured within 48 hours.
  • Gum tissues will be healed within 5 to 7 days.
  • Jaw bone may take some time as a month as MDI is fixed on it.



Why Mini Dental Implants fails or what are their disadvantages

Along with several benefits and advantages of mini dental implants, it also has few drawbacks due to which can fail in some cases. So even after knowing how long do Mini Dental Implants last, you should also know its pros and cons.

I am sharing both pros and cons for clearing the advantages and disadvantages that will help you to better understand and make the right decision.


  • As per name mini dental implants (MDI) are smaller in size and don’t need any complex surgery for the placement.                                                                      
  • This is less expensive as costly bone grafts are not required.                                    
  • Get healed more quickly than regular and traditional dental implants.                       
  • Mini dental implants are more convenient and comfortable as they are not slippy and can be treated in just one visit.                                                                       
  • It also prevents facial collapse as mini dental implants are fixed in your jawbone.       
  • Easy to clean with better-smelling breath.



  • Because of the small size and big replacement, you may need to go with two mini dental implants which can put extra stress on jawbones.                                         
  • Regular implants have better and strong chewing capacity than the MDI.                        
  • In case MDI balls get loose you will have to replace O-rings as well.



Final Words

The above information on Mini dental implants will surely help you to understand the pros and cons of MDI and probably you got an answer that how long do mini dental implant last.

Through this article, you may have got the idea that what are mini dental implants and rest you can consult any dentist or implantologist if you are planning for this.


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