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How long does a Cleaning take at the Dentist

How long does a Cleaning take at the Dentist in 2021 – Dentist Amity

How long does a cleaning take at the dentist and what happens during the cleaning process?

This is one of the most asked questions by the people who are planning for a dental cleaning.

I understand as you might have a busy schedule and would be easier for you to plan if you know the time taken.

There are certain things included during the dental cleaning and you must know how long does a teeth cleaning and check-up take?


How long does a Cleaning take at the Dentist?

Dental cleaning is not only where the dentist cleans your teeth and there is much other work included in this process.

The dentist also does some x-ray and check for cavities, tartar, and level of bones.

So dental cleaning may take a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 3 hours as well, depending on the condition of your teeth.

  • Dental cleaning may take around 40 minutes for people who have good oral health with hygiene.

  • Someone whose oral hygiene is not good and has tartar as well may take around 2 hours.

  • People having extremely bad oral health with several other problems may need to spend more than 2 hours for deep cleaning.

So the average dental cleaning time would be of 1 hour and hopefully, it answered that how long does a cleaning take at the dentist.


What happens during the Dental cleaning? Why does it take so much time?

General Talk

A hygienist usually calls your name and brings you back to the room next they’ll usually place the bib on you and ask how your day’s going some small talk.

They will go over knowing any changes in your medical history any new medications things like that.

They’ll also ask how your teeth are feeling if anything’s bothering you or if you’re just here for a routine cleaning and exam.

The dentist will even remind you to brush your teeth twice a day and other oral tips.


Test and Checkup

Next, they will let you know if you are due for any x-rays like light wing x-rays generally taken about once a year.

They specifically check for cavities tartar and the level of the bone sometimes if you have a high cavity rate or your bone is being monitored these may be taken at every cleaning appointment.

You must know all these to understand how long does a cleaning take at the dentist.


Cleaning Process

Now it’s time to get the tray ready for your cleaning as you are here to get clean shiny teeth first.

Hygienist starts with an ultrasonic scaler either called a piezo to clean around each tooth

With this instrument first which takes off most of the calculus stain and plaque very well

the combination of ultrasonic vibrations on this instrument and the flushing of the water cleans the teeth very well.

The hygienist may blow some air on your teeth and then start scaling with hand instruments to drier the tooth as it is to see any residual tartar upon the surface after the teeth are smoothened out with the scalers.

How long does a dental cleaning take
How long does a dental cleaning take


It is time to polish now and there are two ways to polish one way is with a polishing cup and the other with paste-like strawberry flavored paste.

Basically, the goal of polishing is to remove stain and smoothen the tooth’s surface so plaque is less likely to attach

Lastly, they will floss all the contacts very well with the correct technique and so you must know now how long does a cleaning take at the dentist and why.


Does a tooth cleaning hurt? (how long does a cleaning take at the dentist)

There are still lots of rumors among the people that a dental tooth cleaning hurts which is absolutely wrong.

The simple answer is NO.

Dental cleaning is painless and simple, done with full comfort where you sit in a relaxing position.

Let me make it clear I am just talking about a normal dental cleaning.

There would be some sensitivity if there is some more problem with your gums or bones.


What to do before going to the dentist for a cleaning

There is no such preparation that you need to make but it sounds good when people ask such questions.

It would be better if you keep the following points in your mind.

  • Confirm your appointment before leaving

  • Brush and floss your teeth properly which would be easy and will give more comfort to hygienists while cleaning your teeth.

  • Make a note of every dental problem you are having and share it with the dentist during the beginning conversation.

  • Do not smoke or eat anything at least 2 hours before the appointment.

  • Carry all your dental records with you including your prescriptions and tests.

Remember this is just a preparation that makes your dental appointment and cleaning better.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a dental cleaning take with braces?

Teeth cleaning becomes more important when you have braces on your teeth.

Cleaning teeth with braces will take more time as compared to normal teeth.

On average, if 45 minutes is taken for the regular teeth then with braces it may take around 60 to 70 minutes.


How long does a deep cleaning take to heal?

During deep cleaning of teeth and gum, you may face some bleeding and swelling.

The healing time after a deep cleaning would be at least 7 days.

Even your dentist will give you the full instructions on how to heal quickly and how much time will it take to heal.


How long do teeth scaling take?

Normal teeth scaling will take almost the same time as teeth cleaning takes.

The average time for teeth scaling would be 60 minutes.


Why does dental cleaning hurt so much?

No dental cleaning of teeth is not painful and is done while keeping you in a relaxing position.


Bottom Line

Dental cleaning is recommended for everyone and must be done every six months.

Hopefully, I have cleared that how long does a cleaning takes at the dentist and how the cleaning is done.

Let me know how much time it took for you and what kind of cleaning it was.

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