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How to get rid of numbness after dentist

How to get Rid of Numbness after Dentist – Try these 7 Methods

During the treatment like cavity filling and root canal, the dentist use anesthesia to numb the mouth as there is a lot of pain. But after some time you think of how to get rid of numbness after dentist if you are a foodie or getting mad at this numbness.

In this article, I will share 7 methods that will surely help you to quickly make numbness go away faster from your mouth.


Why Dentist use Anaesthesia to Numb Mouth?

There are many dental treatments like tooth extractions and a root canal that requires anesthesia to the numb mouth which eases the treatment both for the dentist and the patient.

According to the American dental association, anesthesia is a medication that blocks the pain nerve to prevent the pain. A dentist injects this anesthesia on a specific part of your mouth before treatment.


How long does Dental Numbing last after injecting Anaesthesia?                               

Numbness depends on the type of Anaesthesia used by the dentist. In Local anesthesia, your tooth will be numb for at least 2 to 3 hours, and for lips and tongue, it may take around 4 to 5 hours to fade the numbness.

Now you might have a question that your lips are still numb even after 4 or 5 hours after the dentist.

So keep in mind numbness slowly goes away and not a sudden. This even may take more than 4 to 5 hours sometimes depending on the type of anesthesia and blood circulation. Have patience for some more time and still, you found numbness then contact your dentist.

How does someone feel during numbness?
  • While drinking water you will feel like it fell out of your mouth.
  • Little fear
  • You want to kiss someone, but while numb it won’t give you any feel. So better don’t kiss.
  • It feels like a huge amount of head part is missing.



How to Get Rid of Numbness in Mouth after Dentist

Proper dental care like brushing teeth is very important for our life and having white teeth really gives you confidence and beauty of course.

A regular visit to the dentist is also essential for many purposes like aligning teeth. Now after any treatment from a dentist you probably be in a numbness position and want to get rid of numbness much faster.

The best thing I would recommend is to wait and have patience until the effect of anesthesia goes away. Still, you can try these home remedies that will help you a lot.

Home Remedies on how to get rid of numbness after dentist


Method 1:- Massage Gently on the Numb Area

Apply a gentle massage on the numb area which will increase the blood circulation and help you to get rid of the anesthesia effect faster.

Keep in mind this should be a gentle massage and you need to follow the below instructions while doing this.

  • Wash your hands properly before and after the massage
  • Do not massage the mouth exact area where anesthesia was injected.
  • Apply this method for some time and wait.
How to get rid of numbness in mouth
How to get rid of numbness in mouth


Method 2:- Apply Hot or Cold Compress

Apply a warm water bag to the numb area will help to boost the blood flow which can be a great help to reduce the numbness quickly.

Coldwater or ice bag also helps in reducing swelling and inflammation.

You can try both of them and see which works for you as you know now what exactly both remedies do.

Ice Massage on Numb Area
Ice Massage on Numb Area


Method 3:- Take Amino Acid Drink

The amino acid drink is an energy drink that will boost your inside energy by increasing blood flow. So while returning from dentist buy this drink from the store to unnumb your mouth faster.

Hope if you really concerned and want to know how to get rid of numbness after dentist then this drink will raise you towards the gym or some physical activities .

How to unnumb your mouth
How to unnumb your mouth


Method 4:- Have some Exercise

If you have applied the previous method, then surely your task has become easier here. Exercise is another best remedy to remove numbness faster.

Exercise will decrease the effect of dental anesthesia but keep few points in mind before doing this.

  • Wait at least for 2 hours after the anesthesia injection.
  • Do not go with any heavy exercise that puts enough pressure on nerves and on the mouth.
  • Prefer aerobic and gentle exercise.
How to make numbness in mouth go away faster
How to make numbness in mouth go away faster


Method 5:- Have some sleep (how to get rid of numbness after dentist)

This is another psychological method that can be tried. So when you go asleep, your mind goes away with this numbness.

Sof if you really want to know that how to get rid of numbness after dentist then a quick nap will surely help to reverse the numbness and hopefully you wake up with a little pain that is a positive symbol of anesthesia decreasing effect.

How to get rid of numbness after dentist
How to get rid of numbness after dentist


Method 6:- Rinse your mouth with Salt Water

Saltwater rinse is an effective self-treatment for natural disinfects and also helps in improving blood circulation.

Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with warm water and let it get dissolved properly. Now rinse your mouth with this water gently and then spit out. Repeat this 4 to 5 times.

Rinse mouth with Salt water
Rinse mouth with Salt water


Method 8:- Anti-inflammatory medications

Anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin can help you to reduce swelling and numbness caused by anesthesia.

So even after waiting for 5 to 6 hours you still have numbness then you can go with this medication after contacting your dentist. Probably your dentist may have given you such medications, but if not you can contact your dentist and have permission or prescribed medicine.


Final Words

So finally you know have an idea on how to get rid of numbness after dentist. However, I would recommend you to have patience and then contact your dentist first before applying these methods.

There are many more things that you must avoid after having dental anesthesia like smoking, eating, and alcohol.

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