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How to Straighten your Teeth without Braces at Home – 5 Natural Methods

In this article, I will explain how to straighten your teeth without braces at home naturally.

Proper aligned and white teeth are something that increases your beauty and almost everyone wishes to have such teeth.

But what if your teeth are not properly aligned and even you don’t like to have braces.

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body which cannot be hidden and so we feel embrace if teeth are not well-shaped.

You cannot stop talking or smiling and here people notice your unaligned bad shape teeth.

You feel really embracing while meeting your friends or new people and so it also affects your confidence and morale.

Here I will cover the following topics

  • How to prevent crooked teeth
  • Alternate options of braces
  • How to straighten teeth at home


How to Straighten Your Teeth without Braces at Home Naturally

Many people feel scared of visiting dentists for braces probably due to their sharp tools or braces charges.

Now here I am sharing 5 methods to cure your unaligned teeth but keep in mind these methods are only for minimal crooked teeth and are also time taking.


Method 1:- Use Removable Clear Plastic Aligner

This is a removable plastic aligner device that is very effective to naturally align your teeth.

It’s easy to use, you can easily remove it while eating and pack it back again in the aligner case.

How to straighten your Teeth without Braces at Home – Naturally
How to straighten your teeth without Braces at Home – Naturally


You need to heat this device in hot water and apply it to your crooked teeth.

Use this device at least for 20 hours a day until you see the improvement.

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Method 2:- Gentle Finger Pressure

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to straighten teeth as this doesn’t require any tool or device.

This is the best answer on how to straighten teeth naturally

You need to apply gentle pressure on your teeth depending on the direction you want to align the teeth.

Make sure you apply gentle pressure only or else it can harm your teeth due to hard pressure.

Push teeth back with fingers
Push teeth back with fingers


While applying this method you only need to be careful as this can cause severe serious issues in the future.


Method 3:- Tongue pressure (How to Straighten your Teeth without Braces at Home)

Now you might be thinking we already have two dental tools in our body, Finger, and Tongue. RIGHT

Putting gentle pressure with tongue on teeth, work very similar to braces to bring teeth in the original position.

Apply pressure in the correct direction when you are not speaking.

Homemade braces to straighten teeth
Apply gentle tongue pressure on teeth


You need to have the patience to see the positive results depending on the level of crooked teeth. 

This is another best method on how to straighten teeth naturally


Method 4:- Brush and Dental floss (How to Straighten your Teeth without Braces at Home)

This is another pressure-putting tactic that is similar to the tongue and finger method for straightening your teeth.

Here instead of finger and tongue pressure, you need to use a brush and a thin thread (teeth cleaner) to apply gentle pressure on teeth.

How to push teeth back at home
How to push teeth back at home


So while brushing or cleaning teeth with dental floss you can apply pressure on your teeth in the right direction.


Method 5:- Avoid all Habits leading to Unaligned Teeth

There are many activities or so-called habits like sleeping on the stomach and sucking your thumb can unaligned your teeth as these activities put pressure on the teeth.

So if you want to know how to how to straighten your teeth at home naturally then you also need to work on this.

Following the above 4 methods along with these avoiding habits will surely give you some positive results.

Check the details about these habits below.

How to prevent crooked teeth

How to Prevent Crooked Teeth (How to Straighten your Teeth without Braces at Home)

Along with the treatment, precautions are important too.

Here I am sharing 3 habits that you should avoid preventing crooked teeth.

Habit 1:- Avoid Thumb sucking habit

Sucking the thumb is one of the common habits especially in kids.

There can be both inward and outward pressure with sucking thumbs or objects like a pen that can cause unaligned teeth.


Habit 2:- Avoid sleeping on your stomach

This is another common habit seen in almost every age group where people sleep on their stomachs.

Doing this holds the whole weight on your face and causes pressure on your teeth.


Habit 3:- Stop Tongue thrusting (when not sure where to force)

While thinking or sleeping and even most of the time people have habits of thrusting tongue on teeth.

Being a habit we do this most of the time and this also creates pressure and can crook teeth.



How to make your Teeth Straighter without Braces (Alternate options)  

Before proceeding to the home natural options, I would also like to share a few other alternate options for teeth straightening.

Here I am sharing 5 alternate options of braces that you must know, if not for now then for the future.

Option 1:- Veneers

This is the best alternate and the fastest way to align your teeth. Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry method in which a tooth is permanently bonded with a thin and hard shell.

However, this method is very expensive and not applicable to all people.


Option 2:- Essix Retainers

Essix retainers are transparent and so less noticeable than other braces.

This option is less expensive and works for only minimal alignment of teeth.

This option is not recommended if you have major alignment.


Option 3:- Invisalign

This is another popular option for orthodontic treatment and a brace alternate.

This method works quickly and clear plastic retainers are used to align the teeth.

The process is safe and it’s really hard for people to guess that you have anything on your teeth.


Option 4: Headgear

This orthodontic method applies force on the upper and lower jaw to bring teeth in the proper position.

Headgear is removable and you only need to wear it for few hours daily as recommended by the dentist.


Option 5:- Incognito braces 

As the name incognito technically means private, and here your braces will also be private and nobody would be able to see it.

Now if your concern is due to braces visibility that looks really weird, then you can go with this option.

In this method, braces are placed from the backside of the teeth due to which it’s not visible to others.


Final Words

We all love having a perfect smile with properly aligned teeth.

But if you got unaligned teeth and want to avoid braces then follow all the above methods and information to straighten your teeth at home.

All information shared on how to straighten teeth without braces at home is approved by the certified dentist Dr. Faheem Ahmad.

If you have any more doubts and need a free consultation, then please contact us through our contact form.

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