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The Best Denture Adhesive without Zinc – Top 7 in 2021

In this article, I am sharing the best Denture Adhesive without Zinc as there are different adhesives like paste, powder, and creams to keep dentures in their proper place.

These dentures adhesives are the best and the strongest in the market. But before proceeding I would like to share a few related information that is recommended to read.

What is Denture Adhesive?

In simple words, denture adhesives are paste, powder, or cream that are placed on dentures to keep them in the right position and avoid slipping and sliding.

Adhesives are used to enhance retention stability, bite force, and an individual sense of security.

I will be talking a little about when adhesives should be considered and when they should not be used.  Also, I’ll be answering a question I get asked a lot about and that is adhesives safe.


When and who should use Adhesives?

The adhesive should be used there to go in with that sense of security and stability for people who place unusual demands on their facial muscles such as you know public speakers or musicians or even people in sales.

Also, people like me use a lot of facial muscles and also very loud, so I need that extra stability and security to make sure my teeth aren’t going to come flying out when I’m yapping.

Another reason adhesive should be used is when people have certain dry mouth conditions where they do not propagate and also if you have neurological issues such as seizures that need extra hold.


Top 7 Best and Strongest Denture Adhesives without Zinc on the market (2021)

There are several adhesives available on the market in the form of cream, powder, and paste that really make it hard to choose the right one.

Many of you would also be having a question that do all denture adhesives contain zinc and which ones are the best. I would recommend zinc-free adhesives which are the safest option and also avoid paste adhesives.

Zinc free Denture Adhesives and Denture Adhesives with Zinc

These days zinc-free denture adhesives became more popular among people who use massive quantities of adhesives. This is considered safe as it won’t contain zinc toxicity.

On another hand denture adhesives containing zinc are also a perfect choice for people who are not using access adhesives and know how much quantity they need to use.

These top 7 are the best adhesives which are strong, comfortable, and also good for hot foods.

NOTE:- Do not use a lot of adhesives as it will not make dentures stronger and will be harmful.


No #7 – Super Poligrip Strips

A super Poligrip strip is another best and strong adhesive for dentures that comes in individual strips.

This will give you full-day comfort and helps seal out the food particles and are available on Amazon. This can be used for the uppers, lowers, and partials as well and is one of the best Denture Adhesive without Zinc

Super Poligrip strips Best denture adhesive without zinc




NO #6:- Cushion Grip Zinc free Adhesive

A cushion grip is a temporary soft reline that gives you the best comfort with an enhanced cushion grip. It’s really long elastic and a single application will hold for 4 days.

This is also one of the best Denture Adhesive without Zinc and is available on Amazon.

  • 100% waterproof
  • You will enjoy the cushiony comfort for gums because of thermoplastic polymer.
  • Now again its zinc free, non-toxic and no mess while using.
  • A single application lasts for 4 days which is much better than other paste and creams.
Cushion grip zinc free denture adhesive cream
Cushion grip zinc-free denture adhesive cream



NO #5:- Super Poligrip Zinc free Adhesives

Super Poligrip gives a stronghold for the 12 hours that seal out up to 74% of food particles and avoid the irritation that occurs with the food particles.

It comes in different varieties like original, ultra-fresh, extra care, and comfort seal strips. Super poligrip helps you to speak, eat and smile with confidence.

Tips and Instructions

  • You will not be harmed if you swallow a small amount of poligrip. Still, if any irritation occurs, stop using the product.
  • Apply poligrip adhesives properly so that they should be effective.
  • Always keep your denture clean and dry.
  • Apply Super poligrip in short strips and not too close to denture edges
  • Press dentures into place and bite down for a few seconds and poligrip will create a layer between your dentures and gums for the comfortable, strong all-day hold.
What is the strongest denture adhesive on the market
Super Poligrip Denture Adhesives



NO #4:- Effergrip Denture Zinc free Adhensive cream

This is another best option as a zinc-free denture adhesive. The product color is pink used with 2 small pots that spread when the denture is inserted without any ooze.

Effergrip adhesive cream contains an extra-strong adhesive for a powerful grip. You will be feeling more comfortable and confident as it won’t slip even while eating something that requires high pressure.

This adhesive cream has no flavor, comes in pink color with a good texture and is available on Amazon.

What denture adhesive does not contain zinc?
Effergrip Zinc free denture adhesive



NO #3:- Secure waterproof and zinc free Denture Adhesive

Secure Zinc free is another best and powerful denture adhesive that will give you a natural feel with a better fit than other adhesives.

This is an advanced waterproof adhesive zinc-free that will avoid all unpleasant food particles.

This strong secure adhesive is long-lasting that holds up to 12 hours without any embarrassing slip and slide. It’s also 100% free of taste to give you the taste of the real food you take.

What is the best denture adhesive for upper dentures
Secure zinc free Denture Adhesives


NO #2:- Ezo Denture Cushions

Ezo denture cushions will be the best denture adhesive for lower dentures. This is a temporary hold for the old dentures to give you the perfect feel like a new denture.  

New dentures have vacuum grip but day by day it becomes slippy and so this Ezo denture vacuum cushion will again help to place the denture at the right position.

This holds for 24 hours and will not give any bad taste that will surely give you a natural feel. Ezo denture cushions are a bit expensive and their prices going higher day by day. But if you can afford it, you must give it a try.

What is the best denture adhesive cushions
What are the best denture adhesive cushions?



NO #1:- SEA-BOND Denture Adhesive Seals Uppers Original, Zinc Free

Sea-bond denture adhesive seal is one of the best adhesives for upper dentures that will give you the exact comfort and confidence you are looking for.

This adhesive is cushiony with a soft seal that gives hold fr the entire day without any problem and also saves you from denture pastes. Because of zinc-free, you can wear your dentures all day with extra confidence.

NOTE:- In case of any irritation, stop using the adhesive as irritation can be because of improper denture fitting. Consult your dentist

How to Use

  • Place the sea bond wafer on the denture. You can cut the extra wafer with scissors to match the denture shape.
  • Put the seal on the denture with the white side up and the pink side down.
  • Spray warm water and gently tap the seal into place with the fingertip.

Now put the denture into the mouth and bite down evenly for 5 seconds. This can be purchased on Amazon

Best denture adhesive without zinc
Sea bond denture adhesive



What are the best natural Denture Adhesives?

There are many people who are allergic and want to use natural adhesives for their dentures. Though zinc is also a natural mineral found in multivitamins but access amount of zinc can be harmful.

This took me a whole day to find the top natural denture adhesives as I was looking for my uncle. Lastly I also found the best Denture Adhesive without Zinc which I already mentioned above.

I went on Amazon and I found the most mentioned natural denture adhesives with the most reviews and the most comments and I read them all it was annoying it took about 36 hours to get this information.

Nature Dent is the only 1 that I found with good reviews and which is effective for the denture. Finally, I would say ask everyone to brush their teeth twice a day, before breakfast and after dinner.



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