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What Tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth – 5 Cleaning Tools

What tools do dentist use to clean teeth for different types of dental cleaning?

Do you have the same question?

Even if not you must know about these dental cleaning tools as I have seen people are scared just because of these tools.

Regular dental visits and teeth cleaning are very important that not only help to keep your teeth healthy but also examine other oral problems of jaws, throat, and gums.

So let me brief and explain more about the Dental hygienist tool

What tools do dentist use to clean teeth

Before you ever get teeth cleaning at the dentist your dental office should always have an updated period chart on file and a tray with multiple tools.

What are those tools and what purpose they are used for?

Have you ever got scared seeing those dental tools, if yes then let me give you some brief information on these tools that will surely help you to understand the use?

This will also help you to understand how teeth cleaning works and how long does it take for dental cleaning.



Dental Scalers

Dental Scalers is one of the important tools for dental cleaning. Scaler plays an important part in cleaning.

Depending on plaque and the area dentist use both hand and powered instruments dental scalers.

Dental hygienist tool
Dental Scaler

Types of Dental Scaler

Generally, there are two types of dental scalers, hard instruments, and powered instruments.

Let me brief on both

Hand Instruments – Hand instruments have great use and are still used to remove the plaque from the teeth.

This comes in different shapes and is more suitable for removing large plaque areas.

These hand instruments are more precise in some dental cleaning.


Powered Instruments – Now there are more advanced dental scalers like sonic, ultrasonic, and rotate scalers that remove calculus easily.

A scalar vibrates at a very high frequency which means it can vibrate real fast enabling in removing the stubborn and slowing calculus from a teeth surface easily.

The water coming out on a scalar is able to flush away all bloody things and remove from heat and gas does making a field of work clearer.

This has advanced features to remove plaque and is easier to use.

The only drawback is this can harm badly if not used properly but it’s important to share what tools do Dentists use to Clean Teeth. 


Dental Drills

Dental drills are actually called Handpiece.

The thing that really juiced through your teeth is a tiny thing called a dental burr.

Tools dentist use to clean teeth
Dental drills


Once the burr is attached to the handpiece it can easily drill through your teeth.

It removes all those nasty bacteria from your cavities and the decayed part of the tooth before filling them in.

Interesting Facts about Dental Drills

You might know that airplane turbofans rotate around 1800 – 4500 rpm whereas handpiece is able to rotate from 180,000 – 450,000 rpm.

With this high rotation speed, it becomes easy to drill through the tough outer layer of teeth called Enamel.



Dental Loupes

Dental Loupes are also known as Dentist magnifying glasses.

The dentist needs to focus and work on a very small area for a long time.

What products do dentist use to clean teeth
Dental Loupes


Wearing a pair of loupes enables the dentist to work with more precision and keep eyes more strained.

How Dental loupes are important for Dentist

Dentists always have a lot of neck and back problems due to their working position.

Wearing loupes helps to maintain a certain distance from the working field which is patient teeth.

This avoids bending towards the patient’s teeth and so helps to work on teeth without bending.

This is the reason I shared this under what Tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth

Dental Mirrors (What Tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth)

Mirrors play an important role in dentistry to closely examine the tooth surface, tongue, and other oral areas from different angles.

What tools do dentist use to clean teeth
Dental Mirrors


Dental mirrors are not only used for a closer look but also to hold the tongue, cheeks, and lips.

You might be curious to know that which mirror do dentist use and why.

There are different mirrors used such as concave mirrors depending on the type of work and purpose.

For dentists, finding out a 1 mm particle or cut in the tooth is also important for the final work.


Dental Saliva Ejectors

The Saliva ejector holder is a very simple cost-saving method to achieve and maintain superior isolation.

This simple device allows you to cut preps easily with no assistant needed when restoring the cheek and tongue are out of the way so you can focus on the tooth.

In simple words, these saliva ejectors eject all saliva, water, and blood from the mouth during the dental work.

Saliva ejectors are comfortable for the patients as they can easily move their jaw around.


Polishers (What Tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth)

Polishers are used by the dentist after cleaning the teeth on every tooth.

Most people ask that what tool do dentist use to clean and polish teeth, so a polisher is one of them.

Polish not only helps to remove stain from teeth but also gives you the sweet minty flavor feeling.

The most important reason for using polish is that polish is an abrasive toothpaste that actually helps in making the tooth surface smooth.

So when the tooth is smooth plaque is less likely to adhere or attach to the tooth surface.


Dental Floss

Now while knowing what tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth how I can miss Dental floss.

Dental floss is another dental cleaning tool for the dentist to do the cleaning between the teeth. There can be a bad impact if you don’t floss.

So where a toothbrush can’t reach, floss is used to clean particles and plaque from between the tooth.

There are several types of floss like floss picks, threads, and proxy brushes.

Dental floss is even recommended for everyone to use after a brush or before going to sleep.



What products do dentists use to clean teeth?

There are few products used while cleaning teeth such as polishing where dentists use different polishes.
Most of the dentist use mint flavored polish and also fluoride while dental cleaning.

Best Teeth Cleaning at Home?

There are several things you can try to clean your teeth such as
–       Using an electric brush
–       Applying Crest white strips
You can also use home remedies like
–       Applying coconut or sesame oil
–       Mixture of lemon, water, and mint oil

Why does dental cleaning hurt so much?

No, dental cleaning won’t hurt and the entire process is done in a manner where the patient is in a comfortable position.
You might avoid drinking cold or hot water after cleaning to avoid sensitivity.

What do dentists use to remove tartar from teeth?

Depending on the level and area of tartar dentists use tools like scaler and floss to remove tartar.

What kind of tools does a dentist use to fill a cavity?

Dental tools like hatchets, chisels, hoes, and a burnisher are used by the dentist to fill the cavity.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are now aware of What Tools do Dentist use to Clean Teeth.

There can be many other tools be used depending on what other oral problems you have.

Your hygienist may also go with a few tests before cleaning the tooth in order to find out the other oral problems.

Do let us know a few other suggestions or doubts related to this article.

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