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When can I drink soda after Tooth Extraction? 5 Boosted Tips

To be honest I never warn anyone personally for drinking and eating some specific stuff. But yes if someone or any of my patients ask me when can I drink soda after tooth extraction ?, I always advise them for the best result.

Most of us love drinking carbonated drinks like soda and cold drinks.

So either before going for tooth extraction or after wisdom tooth extraction we want to know when we can drink soft drinks like sprite and coca-cola.


Can you drink soda after wisdom teeth removal?   

Yes, you can drink soda after wisdom teeth removal but after the specific time suggested by your dentist. If not I will let you know, when you can have carbonated drinks.

Wisdom teeth are the last four adult teeth that are permanent and strong.

Now you may have to go with surgery to remove wisdom teeth and so you are advised to follow all dentist instructions.

Have some patience, as you don’t need to wait for a long time, so kindly follow the instructions for your healthy oral health.


When can I drink soda after tooth extraction?                     

This is strictly recommended that after any oral extraction you should avoid drinking soda at least for 24 hours.

I would say you should wait for 3 days after tooth extraction to consume any carbonated drinks like soda and mountain dew.

Now if you follow these instructions and resume drinking soda after 3 days, do not use a straw for sipping a drink at least for 10 to 15 days. Using straw after any oral surgery can hit the surgery area and lead to severe pain with more damage.

Can you drink soda after wisdom teeth removal
Do not use straw after wisdom tooth removal

My personal experience with patients

As a junior dentist and in the last 1 year, I recorded much feedback from the patient after tooth extraction.

I won’t say consuming a little soda will bust everything, but yes it will harm and take extra time for the recovery. Patients following all instructions after teeth removal shared positive feedback about their recovery.

3 of my patient consumed carbonated drinks like soda and mountain dew in which 2 of them took extra time to recover from their surgery and 1 of them lead to a dry sockets.

For example: – You are instructed by the physician to take lighter foods while you suffer from loose motion.  



Why can’t you drink carbonated drinks after oral surgery?

You are not allowed to drink carbonated drinks after oral surgery because these drinks contain a lot of sugar and acid.

These acids can lead to trouble like all over erosion and spot decay caused by the bacteria that grown in your teeth because of the sugar and acid.

Drinking soda like cold drinks always have negative effects on your teeth which can cause

  • Stain and discoloration
  • Weakening of tooth structure
  • Decay and cavities
  • Many other dental problems

What happens if you drink carbonated drinks after tooth extraction?

The carbonated bubbles in soda can affect your blood clot which helps in healing and so it may take a longer time to heal and will also cause severe pain.



How to care about tooth extraction for better recovery?

Hopefully, you got an answer that when can I drink soda after tooth extraction, and if you are really concerned about your teeth and the oral surgery then you should also know how to care for tooth extraction.

I am sharing few tips which will help for quick recovery after wisdom tooth removal and will also help you to understand that when can I drink soda after tooth extraction.

Tip 1:- Drink a lot of water as, after extraction, the tooth extracted area takes more time to heal because of the moisture. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated and help in quick recovery.

Tip 2:- Avoid all solid foods for 7 days, sugar foods, and drink for at least 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can take other liquid and soft foods that won’t contain sugar and acids.

Also, avoid smoking and alcohol for a week or more depending on the extracted part. Visit this article to see when and what to eat after tooth extraction.

Tip 3:- Do not use Straw for the next 15 days, as this can hit on the wound and cause damage that leads to severe pain and longer healing time.

Tip 4:- Keep your mouth clean, you can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth gently after 24 hours of extraction. Rinse your mouth after every time you eat.

Tip 5:- Make a visit to your dentist after a week for the recovery report card. This will help you to assure whether you are going right or not towards the recovery.



Finally, I would say these instructions are only for few days not for a lifetime, so please follow and keep your teeth healthy.

Now hope so I answered your question that when can I drink soda after tooth extraction and also other related tips for quick recovery.

I would request the audience reading this article to share their experience which will help other users to decide as well.

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