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When can you Smoke after Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Dentist Amity

Maybe your dentist asked you to not smoke after wisdom teeth removal and instead of asking your dentist, you Google here that when can you smoke after wisdom teeth removal.

Or, probably you are a smoker and planning for teeth removal and you might hear about smoking causes after wisdom teeth removal.

In this article, I will explain everything and will try to give you some good luck by the end of the article.


When can you smoke after wisdom teeth removal?                                       

Smoking after wisdom teeth removal sounds like you are not interested in healing at all.

You cannot smoke after wisdom teeth at least for 72 hours which is considered as the minimum period.

72 hours is the least time you need to avoid smoking, but it all depends on the type of wisdom teeth removal done and the number of teeth removed.


How long after wisdom teeth removal can I smoke?   

So the point is you should not smoke at least till the time the surgery part has been healed. You can look into your mouth by facing a mirror and if the surgery part is turning pink, it means it’s healing and then you can smoke.

But in the case of lower wisdom teeth removal and removal of more than 1 tooth may take more time to heal. You can have the report of healing with the color of the surgery part.

If it’s red, then it’s still healing and you have to avoid smoking. Hope you got an answer that when can you smoke after wisdom teeth removal.



Why can’t you smoke after tooth extraction?

You need to when the tooth is removed there will be a blood clot that is formed in the extraction cell.

So if you do the smoking the blood clot will be displeased and may lead to infection.

Cigarette smoke contains a lot of chemical toxins like hydrogen peroxide carbon monoxide and ammonia this leads to delayed healing and can result in inflammation infection and dry socket.

Now after knowing when can you smoke after wisdom teeth removal it’s important you should also know the reasons and other related information.

Why can’t you smoke after tooth extraction?
Why can’t you smoke after tooth extraction?


A dry socket is a condition that causes the disintegration of the blood clot from the extraction site of the tooth.

The cigarette smoke will expel the blood clot from the extraction site and can lead to delayed healing and indirectly it will result in severe pain and bad breath.

It is very important you should not do smoking after the removal of the tooth for better healing so avoid smoking for at least five to seven days.


Has anyone smoked after Tooth Extraction or Wisdom Teeth Removal?  

Yes, many people smoked after wisdom teeth removal and also suffered. Now according to an article of health line 12% of people who smoked after tooth extraction faced dry socket.

And only 4% of people who did not smoke, had dry sockets.

Couples of smokers have different questions like

  • Can I smoke 24 hours after extraction?
  • Can I smoke 5 days later after wisdom teeth removal?
  • Has any smoked after wisdom teeth removal?

However, I have cleared above that you can’t smoke at least for 72 hours but still if someone smoke after 24 hours it may dislodge your blood clot.

Smoking after 5 or 7 days can delay healing time and also cause severe pain.


How to Control smoking after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Though smoking is injurious to health and we all know that almost hear every day.

But there are few legends, who don’t want to implement.

If you are reading this, it means you want to avoid smoking and apart from recommending leaving smoking permanently, I am also sharing few tips that will help to control smoking.

  • You can try nicotine patches that deliver nicotine to your system without affecting the wound area.
  • There are also few nicotine chew gums that you can try for few days.
  • Think of the money you spent on wisdom teeth removal and also about your oral health. This will give you some confidence to avoid and control smoking.

There would be some interesting friends or you may get few ideas that would suggest you vape instead of smoking.

Let me clarify that vaping also contains nicotine generated through the heating of a liquid and will also affect your wound area.


Bottom Line

So probably you may have taken some decision so far on smoking. I tried my best to explain when can you smoke after wisdom teeth removal and I would say keep your health and hard-earned money on priority.

Smoking cigarettes, weeds, or vaping has always taken many lives and so you must think of quitting smoking permanently.

Rest be careful and avoid smoking at least for 10 days after wisdom teeth removal. If you need any help or have any questions then leave your comment or contact us for further help.

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