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Which mirror is used by the dentist

Which Mirror is used by the Dentist? (Amazing Facts)

Regular or even first visit to the dentist for routine oral cavity checkups surely have raised a question that which mirror is used by the dentist.

You may have seen a dentist using a small handheld mirror while examining your teeth. Many of the patients are confused to know that is a dental mirror concave or convex. So, the mirror used by the dentist is a concave mirror.

Let me borrow your some time and in return, I want to give you the complete information about

  • Type of mirror used by the dentist
  • Why dentist use a concave mirror
  • Uses of a dental mirror


Which Mirror is used by the Dentist?

There are many spherical mirrors but the one that dentist uses are concave mirrors. Please spend a few more of your precious moments reading the below information.

Mirror used in Dentistry

In dentistry, the proper name of the concave mirror instrument is the mouth mirror. These mirrors come in different sizes and the head of the mirror is round.

Now depending on the work and examination like examining calculus on teeth, we use different sizes of these mouth mirrors. T

So many people want to clarify which mirror is used by the dentist and for which position of the object?

There are many types of dental mouth mirrors, let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • Mouth Mirror with silicon seal
  • Magnifies mouth mirror
  • Rear surface mouth mirror
  • Double mouth mirror
  • Oral mouth mirror


Why dentists use Concave Mirror?

Dentist specifications are for the mouth and so we need to look for all the germs inside the mouth and examine from the entire angle.

The concave mirror is bent inward and so gives the brighter and bigger image of the original object. This becomes quite easy for us to examine teeth from inside and mouth from every angle.

Is a dental mirror concave or convex
Is a dental mirror concave or convex?


The concave mirror doesn’t show the inverting images and this is another major reason for using it in dentistry. This is the reason concave mirrors are also called converging mirrors as they reflect light to the focal points.

Few facts you must know about concave mirror

  • Concave mirrors are also used in illumination like torches and headlights.
  • Concave mirrors produce the image twice as the real image once placed at a distance of 22.5 cm.


Uses of Dental Mirror

Now let me explain for what purposes these dental mirrors are used. These dental mirrors have four important functions in dentistry.

  1. Indirect Vision: – There are many objects in an intraoral structure that cannot be seen directly. Indirect vision mirrors become a great use to view these tooth surfaces.                                                                                                                          
  2. Indirect Illumination: – As illumination means lightening you may have got an idea as these mirrors help to reflect light onto teeth and other dark surfaces of the mouth.                                                                                                                             
  3. Retraction:- You may have seen a dentist holding cheeks, tongue, or lips to view all those hidden surfaces. For example, like in retraction of lips, we raise lips upward to view the upper teeth and gums.                                                                                 
  4. Transillumination – This is another effective method to identify the cracks in teeth. This is also called a light detector that will surely confirm whether there is a crack on teeth or not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Final Words

I am sure after knowing which mirror is used by the dentist you might be thinking that can I use a mouth mirror to examine myself. However, if you are looking for teeth whitening you can also go with Cresta white strips recommended by the doctor.

Now you know that what mirror is used by dentists to examine a small cavity and another oral test, you can purchase this dental mouth mirror from the medical store for self-examination.

Use only for basic learning and do not use it with any intention of treatment. Let me know in the comment box if you have related questions.



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